Glen Valley Contracting provides start to finish planning and execution of your dream backyard. Let our team turn your dream project into reality.


Glen Valley Contracting is an Ottawa area distributor and installer of Dolphin Fiberglass Pools.
Fibreglass pools are quicker and easer to install and are better for the environment.
Fiberglass Pools are the cost effective, environmentally friendly pool choice, great for your family
and the environment.

Using less chemicals to maintain your water chemistry and never needing to replace a liner makes a
fiberglass pool the environmentally smart choice. Instead of maintaining your pool, you will be
enjoying it.



Let the pros on the Glen Valley team design and install your custom rock wall and steps.

Our equipment allows for access to tight spaces with minimal disruption to surrounding
terrain and landscaping.



Don’t let wear or damage to your foundation diminish your property value.

We have the expertise and equipment to repair your foundation with minimal damage
to surrounding landscaping.

Have a basement water problem? Don’t know where its coming from?  Water will leak into a basement
through any opening it can, including your walls, floors, and the joints between them.  Water can
even pass through the concrete itself.  Let us assess the situation and come up with why the problem
is happening.  We will then work out an economical way to fix the problem.  At the first signs of leaking
water, moldy walls or a musty smell in your basement, give us a call! Once you can see that water has
made it’s way into your basement, you can be sure that damage is already being done to weaken the
integrity of your foundation. Small problems can put your entire house at risk for more serious issues.

What we do:

  • Interior and exterior waterproofing
  • Foundation parging
  • Fixing and resurfacing walls and cracks
  • Column and beam replacement
  • Removing and replacing damaged sections of the foundation



Whether your job is big or small, we have the proper equipment and expertise to get the job done.

We have the small equipment to fit into tight space. Things we do are:

  • Excavation
  • Backfilling
  • Grading
  • Shoring Services

Things to keep in mind when needing an excavation:

  • Soil Conditions:  Hard ground, clay, granular sand and mixed materials
  • Frozen ground in the winter
  • Moisture content
  • bedrock



Your septic system consists of a septic tank and leaching bed – all which is hidden beneath the soil.
Anything that goes down your drain – shower water, toilet water, kitchen sink water – flows to the
septic system.

In Ontario, the Ontario Building Code (OBC) governs nearly all rural septic systems. If you are
installing, repairing, upgrading or replacing such a system, you must contact your local regulatory
agency. It may be your municipality, health unit or conservation authority that inspects systems,
issues permits, maintains records and enforces Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code. Link to the
Ottawa Septic System office HERE:

At Glen Valley we perform:

  • Commercial and Residential Installation
  • New septic Installation
  • Septic System Design
  • Repair or replacement of your existing septic tank




Have the know how to do the job yourself?

We can rent you the equipment you need to get the job done!

Easy on the landscape (Rubber Tracks)

  • 1.7 to Shovel - 40 inches wide
  • 3 way mini dump cart - 40 inches wide
  • 3.5 ton shovel - 62 inches wide
  • 5.5 ton shovel - 78 inches wide
  • 4 ton, 4 wheel loader - 68 inches wide
  • 190 JCB track loader - 72 inches wide
  • Tandem Dump Truck
  • 7 Ton Dump Trailer
  • Hydraulic Hoe ram for 1.7 and 3.5 ton excavators (Shovel)